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What is MongoDB ?

MongoDB is a popular, open-source NoSQL database system that uses a document-oriented data model. It operates with documents in a human-readable JSON-like format. It's known for its scalability and flexibility, allowing for complex queries, indexing, real-time aggregation, and server-side JavaScript execution.

Mongo as an Acorn Service

This Acorn provides a MongoDB database as an Acorn Service. It can be used to easily get a MongoDB database for your application during development.

The Acorn image of this service is hosted in GitHub container registry at

This MongoDB instance:

  • is backed by a persistent volume
  • uses a default (auto generated) password for the root user
  • defines credentials for an additional user (with access limited to a given database)

By default:

  • dbUser of the additional user is automatically generated
  • dbName is set to "mydb"

These values can be changed using the serviceArgs property as follow:

services: db: {
image: ""
serviceArgs: {
dbUser: "bar"
dbName: "foo"


See examples folder for a sample application using this service.