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From Playground

The Acorn playground allows you to develop Acornfiles directly in the Web UI. Providing a great way to get started with Acorn without having to install anything on your machine. You can try deploying a single container or a whole application by providing a source repository URL. The playground will clone and build the Acorn image for you. The changes you make to the file will cause real updates to the running Acorn in the sandbox. When you are done, you can export the Acornfile to add to your repository or share the Acorn image with others.

Using Playground to Deploy an Existing Container Image

Click on the Playground button in the upper right hand corner, you will see an editor that allows you to start typing an Acornfile. A simple Nginx container is defined as a guide for you already. You can make changes to this file as needed, changing the image, adding ports, and environment variables to define the parameters needed for your container. When you are ready, click deploy to launch the container into the Sandbox. You can continue to edit and make changes to the Acornfile to update the deployment. For instance, you can add a published port to the container to get a public URL and TLS certificate.

For example to build a Wordpress Acorn in the playground editor paste in the following:

services: db: {
image: ""

containers: wp: {
image: "wordpress"
ports: publish: "80/http"
env: {
WORDPRESS_DB_HOST: "@{services.db.address}"
WORDPRESS_DB_USER: "@{services.db.secrets.admin.username}"
WORDPRESS_DB_PASSWORD: "@{services.db.secrets.admin.password}"